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  Lukas Leutle, Porter Lanseria International Airport  
  Lukas is one of the people to have gained employment in the tourism sector over the last 10 years. In 1999 the Business Trust established a partnership with the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (now the Department of Tourism) to grow South Africa's tourism sector by improving marketing, training and enterprise development. By the end of 2004 South Africa had become the fastest growing tourism destination in the world, foreign arrivals had doubled and some 129,000 new jobs had been created in the sector. By 2009 tourism made up 8,7% of GDP and employed 1,4million people.  
Name Tourism Marketing Programme
Strategic Partner SA Tourism
Period 1999 - 2004
Budget R200million (Business Trust funding)
R800million (government funding)
Purpose The Business Trust identified tourism as a key sector to stimulate job growth. The aim of this project was to boost international tourism arrivals to South Africa.
  • SA experienced a 7% increase in foreign arrivals from Jan-May 2002 with over 1million extra tourists arriving in
    South Africa
  • Tourism has been raised to the top of the SA agenda
  • A marketing campaign was launched in six key markets and seen by 60m people
  • High quality market intelligence data was captured
  • SA Tourism was restructured
  • 129,000 additional jobs in the tourism economy were realised
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