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  Andrew Setshedi, Principal Kwadedangedladle High School, Soweto  
  Andrew Setshedi received mathematics teaching training in the Business Trust's Quality Learning Project. The project, which ran from 1999 to 2004, aimed to increase maths and science pass rates in 530 secondary schools by improving teaching skills and school and district management. 3,760 district officials, 524 school governing bodies and some 13,000 teachers were trained. Overall pass rates improved from 56% to 74% and Grade 12 maths passes improved from 27% to 51%. The Quality Learning Project was a partnership between the Business Trust and the Department of Education.  
Name The Quality Learning Project
Strategic Partner Department of Education
Period 1999 - 2004
Budget R 137 million (BT Funding)
Purpose The Quality Learning Project aimed to raise the performance of students in Grades 8-12 in 500 high schools by at least 10% in mathematics, and reading and writing across the curriculum.
District and school officials trained 3 760
District development plans produced 17
School development plans produced 524
Teachers trained 16 836
G12 general pass rates improved Year one 56%
Year four 74%
G12 maths pass rates improved Year one 27%
Year four 51%
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