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Restoring the wetlands · Business Trust's role

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  Raymond Nyezi, Project Manager Highlands Wetland Rehabilitation  
  Working for Wetlands creates work for the unemployed by training people to rehabilitate and maintain precious wetland areas. Raymond, who was previously unemployed, is now a full time project manager for the Highlands Wetlands project. Working for Wetlands is a component of the Expanded Public Works Programme, which the Business Trust helped the Department of Public Works to implement. It provided income and work for 1,4million people over five years.  
Name Expanded Public Works Support Programme (EPWSP)
Strategic Partner Department of Public Works (DPW)
Period March 2005 - Dec 2009
Budget R110 million
Purpose The programme was designed to accelerate the implementation of the government’s Expanded Public Works Programme by providing strategic support to the Department of Public Works and operational support to provinces, municipalities and state owned enterprises.
The national Expanded Public Works Programme is a government initiative that seeks to create opportunities for unemployed people to earn an income and gain skills whilst at the same time improving public services in the country. This includes work in the infrastructure, environmental and social sectors.
Impact The national programme was assisted to provide 1,4million work opportunities between 2000 and 2004. The programme assisted the Department to design and launch EPWP Phase II which will provide 1 million work opportunities per year by 2014.

  Target Actual
Work opportunities 1 000 000 1 400 000
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