Developing Inclusive Business Models
Small-holder farmers and the Sugar Mill · Business Trust's role

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  Elizabeth Shongwe, sugar cane farmer  
  The Business Trust's Shared Growth Challenge Fund provided funding to TSB Sugar to help it develop its support programme for the small scale farmers who own and manage 60% of the land from which the sugar cane milled by the company comes. This has helped over 1,200 small scale farmers like Elizabeth Shongwe to improve their productivity, increase income and create jobs for people.  
Name Shared Growth Challenge Fund
Period Oct 2008 – Apr 2011
Budget R36million
Purpose The Fund provided the use of one-off grants to private companies (or to consortia led by private companies) to support 'pro-poor' innovation, and provide profitable ways of improving market access for the poor.
  • 11 projects in sectors ranging from ICT to tourism awarded grants
  • 900 Jobs created or saved
  • R12million in co-funding leveraged
  • New models for inclusive business developed
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